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Senior Care Authority Franchise Detail

Founded: 2009
Franchised: 2014

Total Investment: $52,500 - $81,250
Franchise Fee: $52,500
Royalty: Greater of 8% or $300/m 6-12, $600/m Y2, then $900

SBA Approved: No
VetFran Participant: Yes
Offers Master Franchises or Area Developer Territories: Yes

Senior Care Authority Network™ (SCAnetwork) provides two separate and distinct functions:

For those wanting to start a Senior Residential Placement Service, we present a unique two-part, Training Program. The first part is a self-paced online training course. Once completing the online training, we offer a 12-week Coaching Program with our team of experts while getting your business going.

2.  For those who have completed our Online Training and Coaching Programs or currently own a  Senior Residential Placement Service, we offer optional Support Services on a subscription basis: 

  • AutoPlace CRM - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software designed for senior placement agencies.  
  • SCANET Referral Program – Connecting families with placement agency members located in the area where the family is seeking services. 
  • AutoMail Newsletter – We customize for you ready to email to your contacts on a monthly basis.  
  • Website and Social Media – Content creation search engine optimization (SEO) and social media set-up.
  • CareTalk Online - Members are able to discuss issues and share information on senior care and specifically the senior placement business through this online forum.
  • Continuing education – via webinars, conference calls and regional seminars. 

SCAN Caregiver

SCAN Seniors

SCAnetwork™ participants are both new to senior placement and organizations who are already involved in the senior care industry. Examples include Placement Agencies, Nurses, Social Workers and In-Home Care companies who would benefit from adding our support services to their existing operation. 

What is Senior Residential Placement?

Senior Residential placement services provide assistance to help identify the best location for seniors to live and receive proper care. This unique and much needed service simplifies the otherwise daunting process for families looking for assisted living and other care services, saving your clients time and money while helping to reduce the stresses associated with this transition. 

We have experience in the senior care business and have fine-tuned every aspect our placement agency operation. We documented our “best practices,” enabling us to share these practices with new members.  This saves significant money and time in setting up this unique business in senior care. 

We take a consultative approach to get you started in business.

Senior Care Authority Network Training

1. Online Training Taught by Industry Professionals

Our trainers have extensive experience in the senior care industry including nursing, geriatric care, assisted living, in-home care, dementia consultants and more.  These professionals are providing instruction on the specific areas they themselves work in each day.  Also, we can make it easy for you to begin your business by supplying all the necessary materials, forms and agreements to get you started.  

This online format enables you to view the training at your own pace.  You are able to stop and start again, making the program even more flexible for your needs.  This program provides you with the necessary information to get your business up and running!  See outline on right column...

2. One-on-One Coaching (weekly for 12-weeks)

Recent studies have shown that "training combined with coaching increases overall performance and satisfaction." (Coaching: An International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice). This support program enables you to strategize with experienced professionals on your actual sitations...while you are visiting with providers, setting up marketing initiatives, meeting with families and placing their loved ones.

SCAN Coaching

Combining the online training with actual situations are important parts of the learning process.  That is why a member of our management team will coach you on specific issues as you get your business operational.  You'll be part of live, weekly coaching sessions, structured for 12-weeks, with personalized feedback on your weekly meetings and tasks.  Even after the 12-weeks, ongoing coaching continues with SCAnetwork staff and other members to help grow your business in the most cost-effective manner.

Examples of subject matters discussed in your coaching sessions include setting up your collateral materials, reviewing your Business Plan (template provided), Financial Projections (template provided), understanding your particular State specific regulations, negotiating agreements effectively, local marketing initiatives, assessments, role playing and much more.  

3. Online Training and Coaching Enrollment Fees:

Online Training (Including all documents and templates) - $9,500

One-on-One Coaching - $9,500

Online Training and One-on-One Coaching - $17,500*

* Only applies at time of initial enrollment

we send family referrals directly to you

A important part of our training program is to suggest some of the best ways to generate and reach new customers in your area. However, there is also a growing trend for families to search online for assisted living, residential care and memory care assistance for their loved ones. Our company has invested a significant amount of money learning the best way to connect with families online in need of our services.

Through our proprietary SCANET system, we will automatically match-up families with the business in the area where the family is seeking services. Should a request come from a family in your area, the information regarding the family's needs will automatically be communicated to you via email or text.  In addition, details regarding the request will also populate the AutoPlace Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) System.  All this happens instantaneously, allowing you to respond to requests and update the system immediately.

Those that have their business operating for at least 6 months may apply to enroll in the SCANET program.

Senior Care Frachises

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